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Welcome to BlackPhD.com!
The top black site for african american doctorate students and degree holders
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bill gates says microsoft not google should have built the dominant mobile operating system
The failure of Microsoft to establish a leading mobile operating system was a huge blow to the company, and something that apparently still haunts one of its co-founders t... (more)
funded post-doc internship opportunity - naval research laboratory
The Naval Research Laboratory is excited to announce a newly created Post-Doc position, beginning in August 2019. The selected candidates will conduct research at the U.S. Nav... (more)
nationwide insurance and bluevine offers an opportunity to win $100,000 for your small business
HBCUConnect.com and Nationwide Insurance wanted to share this really cool promotion that Nationwide is conducting in conjunction with thier Small Business lending partner, Blu... (more)
ross university school of medicine and tuskegee university partner to address physician diversity in the u.s.
The United States is facing a critical absence of diversity in medicine, and the disproportionately low numbers of African-American doctors is causing negative health outcomes... (more)
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who's for the animals, pets, wildlife?
Our pets and wildlife need a representative on their side as well. We must honor our Birds, Dogs, Cats, Geese and the like. The Birds run tings! The Dogs spell God. They... (more)
i see you
You show your everything to me. You look great! Not everyone sees you like I do. The sight of you gives me a peace. Your love spreads nationally. I assist you per you... (more)
how does being the fastest bird in the world equate to being such a fierce predator?
Research Reveals Exactly Why Peregrine Falcons Are so Deadly Cameras and simulations are finally enabling scientists to study the nuances of the raptors' extreme hunting tec... (more)
nelson mandela day: why he is so important
Today marks Mandela Day - also known as Nelson Mandela International Day. It is held every year on 18 July. It is on this day because this marks the birthday of Nelson Man... (more)
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